About Solarize Eugene

Solarize Eugene is a volunteer-driven community effort, coordinated by The Resource Innovation Group (TRIG), designed to give EWEB customers a simplified, cost-effective way to bring renewable energy to their homes. Interested neighbors will come together to enjoy significant savings through the bulk purchase of solar electric and solar hot water panels. Solarize Eugene is based on a highly effective model that has dramatically increased solar installations statewide.  Learn all about Solarize Eugene including how it works and prices for ideal installations in our workshop presentation.

TRIG will engage community members as active participants in the project: pre-selecting the contractors, marketing a limited time offer, and providing the contractors with likely customers in a constricted geographic area. Like other “Solarize” programs statewide, Solarize Eugene will include a series of educational workshops for residents as well as a peer-to-peer marketing campaign. Residents will receive reduced prices for their solar installations thanks to contractor savings on marketing, customer education, and volume purchases of equipment.

Customer enrollment period will run from April through June 15, with systems installed throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, we will hold a final celebration to mark our success!

Solarize Eugene is a project of The Resource Innovation Group in partnership with Solar Oregon and with outreach support from the City of Eugene. Funding provided by the Eugene Water & Electric Board’s Greenpower program.

Solarize Eugene, Step by Step

1. Attend a free workshop to learn about solar and the bulk solar purchasing program provided by The Resource Innovation Group.

2. Sign up to Solarize on our registration page. This does not commit you to buying anything. 

3. Next is your free solar site assessment from your assigned solar contractor. This will cover how big a system you can get and what different options will cost. If you have a suitable site and are interested in moving forward, the contractor will provide you with a bid.

4. After attending an educational workshop, going through a site assessment and recieving a bid, you decide whether or not to sign a contract to install solar.

5. If you sign a contract, the contractor will then coordinate permits, equipment purchases, the installation schedule, and inspections.

6. Your system is installed!

7. Start enjoying your new solar energy!

8. Everyone gets the appropriate signatures needed and the right paperwork for the State and Federal Tax Credits.