Solarizing is a great deal, but there are numerous opportunities to reduce your total energy consumption while also saving money and reducing your environmental impact. Taking these efficency and conservation steps can also increase the percentage of your electricity or hot water offset by a solar system.  

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EWEB Electric Customers

EWEB has a significant commitment to energy efficiency and energy conservation in their service area and offer numerous resources and incentives for energy efficiency. Since the creation of EWEB 101 years ago, EWEB has invested in efficiency and conservation projects that now lead to annual savings of more than the output of the utility's 6 hydroelectric projects!  

Check out EWEB's website for information on their programs and other resources. Programs include: a duct-sealing program with free testing and financing, energy efficient appliance rebate program, and a weatherization program that provides incentives for increasing insulation, replacing windows and sealing air leaks.  

EWEB Efficiency Tips

You can explore EWEB's Tips website and/or check out the PDFs linked below:


What if I have gas heating?

If you have gas heating, you cannot participate in EWEB heating programs, but you can access the Energy Trust of Oregon energy efficiency incentives for weatherization, and heating + cooling.

What if I've done all I can at my home, but I want to do more?

EWEB has a Greenpower program that is funding solar incentives for local residents, so learn more about it and sign up here to support increased solar installations in Eugene!