Solarize Eugene in the News

Group Celebrates Eugene Solar Project

KEZI covered the success of Solarize Eugene on the day of the Solarize Eugene celebration at Ninkasi.  Read the short article here.

Solarize Eugene covered in Eugene Weekly Biz Beat

Read the coverage here.   

Group Hosting Solar Power Workshops

Read the article and view the video here or scroll down in the box below.


EWEB Grants Make Solar Projects More Affordable

Thanks to Representative Phil Barnhart and Associate Pastor John Pitney for thier opinion piece on their positive experience with Solarize Eugene. Read the piece here.

New Program Offers Big Incentives to Go Solar

KLCC covers Solarize Eugene as our first solarize systems are getting installed. See image at right taken by Representative Phil Barnhart as his new solar system is installed. Check out the coverage here.

Local program harnesses power of the sun

KVAL covers Solarize Eugene again. Read the full article here.


Group buying project aims to increase solar installations in Oregon town.

Read the full article on Solarize Eugene in the Clean Energy Authority.

Going solar | Solarize Eugene campaign keeps costs down for homeowners

Scott & Cam of Solar Assist install a PV system. Copyright Solar Assist 2009.The Register Guard covers the Solarize Eugene program, read the full article here.  

Please note the following corrections:
* The net [after 4 years] system cost for an ideal location with the EWEB incentive and federal and state tax credits is $650, and there could be add-ons for your site.
* Power production from the solar PV systems is guaranteed for 25 years, but systems may produce power for 30 years or more. 

Takes Money to Save Money with Solar Power

KVAL covers EWEB solar program and Solarize.  Read the full article here.

A Cheaper Solar Solution?

The Eugene Weekly covers our efforts to rally volunteers before Solarize Eugene takes off this spring. Read the full article here.