Solarize Eugene only lasts until June 15, so help us spread the word about this limited time program before it is over!  We need your help to get the word out to everyone who might be interested in the program.

Solarize Eugene: Less than 3 weeks to go Solar with Ease and Lower Cost!
Solarize Eugene smoothes the path for going solar for EWEB-powered residences through a limited-time bulk purchase of solar electric and solar hot water panels. With pre-selected contractors and equipment as well as workshops to walk you through the process, going solar is a breeze. Come to one of our last two workshops (listed below) to learn more about the program and find out more on our website: www.solarizeeugene.info  
Solarize Eugene is based on a highly effective model that has dramatically increased solar installations statewide, and is a project of The Resource Innovation Group <http://www.theresourceinnovationgroup.org/>  funded by an EWEB Greenpower <http://www.eweb.org/greenpower> grant.

Last two Solarize Eugene workshops: 
Tuesday, May 29th, 7-8:30pm      Hilyard Community Center
Wednesday, June 13th, 6-7:30     Umpqua Bank, 497 Oakway Rd.
Help us spread the word about our upcoming workshops with this flyer: http://solarizeeugene.info/storage/solarize_workshop_scheduleMay22.pdf

  • Post Flyers

Print out the Solarize Eugene flyer with upcoming workshops and post in your workplace, neighborhood, or another place where others are likely to see it.  Contact us if you would like us to mail or deliver color copies of the flyer to you to post.  

  • Speak or Make an Announcement at Local Events

We encourage you to make announcements about the Solarize Eugene program and our upcoming workshops. We are happy to provide resources for this and/or to come and speak at events if you would like, just contact us to set this up.